KLASTERSKY award 2023

Towards excellence in innovation in oncology

Dr Chelsea Sawyer

Manchester – UK 

Jean Klastersky Prize Winner 2023 

Improving access to enhanced Supportive care and acute oncology (INSTANT)

She tells us about her academic journey: 

I am a research associate in the Division of Mental Health. Previously, I held a similar role with the Christie Patient-Centered Research Team. In my current and previous roles I’ve made significant strides in behaviour change, mental health, and oncology research.

  • I have dedicated research into elevating oncology patient experiences, with an unwavering focus on refining the care they receive.
  • I’ve evaluated clinical service, enhanced supportive care and early cancer diagnosis resources.
  • I have developed several clinical questionnaires tailored to improve patient care and support for their families in clinical trials.

Partner of the Jean Klastersky Young physician award